The Alaska State Senate Energy Policy Group includes members of the Senate Resources Committee and the Senate Energy Committee.
At the end of the last legislative session, the Senate Resources and Energy Committees made it a priority to spend the interim period until next January continuing to craft a comprehensive statewide energy plan and to develop opportunity in both the renewable and traditional energy sectors.
We want to hear from you.  Read the Report we have put together with recommendations for the future here:    State Energy Policy & Program Recommendations .  Then, please share your ideas, suggestions and any other comments you have about energy in Alaska.
We have extended the deadline for comments to December 15th.  If you provide your comments by then, we can incorporate them in our planning for the upcoming legislative session, that begins January 19, 2010.
As we have travelled the state, Alaskans of all walks of life have given us input about the challenges they face heating their homes and keeping the lights on, and we have heard about all sorts of proposed and existing alternative and innovative systems for generating energy in our state.  Please add your voice to these others, and contribute your knowledge and experience to this discussion.



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Senator Lesil McGuire
Resources Committee
Chair, Energy Committee
Bill Wielechowski
Resources Committee
Sen. Lyman Hoffman
Sen. Albert Kookesh
Sen. Bert Stedman
Sen. Gary Stevens
Sen. Charlie Huggins Sen. Hollis French
Sen. Tom Wagoner